After you think to start a mobile dating app business, there are different type of actions and decisions based on that which follow up. We have arranged those actions and decisions that you’ll take sequentially but have categorized them in four stages.

Like for any other business, research, analysis, monitoring and evaluation is definitely the continuous part of the process.

The niche that you want to serve

Alike any other business, it will be easier for you to start on a sub-niche. You need to select the sub-niches of mobile dating business from the ones that you are genuinly interested. Apart from that you should also analyze the profltability on that niche.

The required set of features for launch

After researching on the niche that you decide to start your mobile dating business, you’ll need to work on the required features that you must provide within your app. Along with that you should also work on researching those additional features that will attract the users.

A brief analysis of the competition

If you properly branched out on the sub-niche for your mobile dating app business, you shouldn’t have much competiton. However, you need to analyze the closest competition in terms of their features, business model, customer targeting policies and pricing plans. This will layout a foundation for your business strategy and goals.

Selecting the team for execution of your plans

After you know what you want to launch and how you want to launch it, you need find the team for execution. This execution phase mostly calls in for a team of developers, designers and marketing team.

Leave your development and designing worries to the LoveLock team.

Get the ready for the market Tinder-Clone app

Based on the marketing strategy that you derived from your competitors, you can run ads on different platforms and work  on the app launch strategies.

While executing your marketing plans for the mobile app dating business, you also need to pay special attention to the app user acquisition and app usage frequency strategies.

For more details about starting your mobile dating app business with the tinder-clone Lovelock app script…

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