Android Requirements

For Play Store

  • Title of the app

  • Short Description of app

  • Full description of app

  • Graphics

  • High-resolution icon


  • Feature graphic


  • Screenshots (at least three or maximum eight )

  • Promo video (optional) link to YouTube video

  • Website Url (optional)

  • Email

  • Phone

For App

Icon Types\Sizes (w x h)


File format

Main Icon*

512x 512


Splash Icon*


512 x 512


App Icon (Not Transparent)*

1024 x 1024


In-app purchase Icon (Not required for Android)

1024 x 1024


Feature Graphics (Optional)

1024 x 500


Screenshots (Send it after app is ready to publish)

1080 x 1920


*Note: You will receive a personalization form where you have to fill above requirements.