Support Services

With your purchases from us, you will receive different levels and category of support. Based on category, you are entitled to troubleshooting support, installation support and usability supports for any source code package you purchase.

However, if you purchase personalization service or customization services, your support terms may be different. Please contact our support team for more details.

Troubleshooting Support

If you’ve purchased the tinder clone mobile app source codes, you are entitled to receive troubleshooting support from us for a fixed term of six months. After that, if you need troubleshooting support from us, you will be charged a nominal cost. Please contact our support for details.

With troubleshooting support, we’ll provide you answers to your questions related to fixing issues in the mobile app source codes if you find any. You will be in contact with our support team who will put your questions forward to our app developers and provide you with the answers related to your iOS or Android app source codes.

Installation Support

You are entitled to receive this level of support if you purchased the mobile app source codes from us. This support will also be a free for a fixed term of six months and after that you’ll be charged a nominal amount. 

As these are mobile app source codes, you will be submitting them to the respective app stores. In this support scheme, we will provide you the submission guidelines for the respective stores. 

Usability Support

Though you purchased the mobile app source codes, we offer this as an extended support service to further build relations and get feedback from you. This is also a time bound limited support service and you will be able to recieve usability support for a six months time. 

With the usablity support, we offer our clients a one-on-one demo about the apps and the different features available on it.

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