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*Note: Support and Updates plans are available at an additional cost after the first 6 months.

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Frequently Asked Question

Do you help to submit my apps to the App stores?
Yes! We’ll need you to sign up for developer accounts at Apple App Store and Google Play and we’ll do all the work for you.
What happens if my app is rejected by either or both of the App Stores?
In such cases, we will change the appearance of your app to make sure it is unique and is not rejected by the App Stores.

Since it depends on a third party service, we can only give our 100% to make it published on the Apple store using our highly experienced team however we will not guarantee the submission.

Which devices can be used with your mobile apps?

Our Mobile Apps are developed exclusively for use with iPhone and Android Phones. Operation on other devices, including tablets is not guaranteed.

Why are you expensive?

We will be providing 160 hours of development time with the iOS and Combo packages to add your own unique features and designs on your mobile app, due to which the price looks expensive.

Why do we need 160 hours development time that comes with iOS and combo packages?

The 160 hours custom development time is for adding a unique feature on your app.
As per the policy created by Apple Inc., it is compulsory for any dating app to have at least one unique feature to get approved for Apple store

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