Social media marketing is on the hype for a reason. It reaches the targeted customers and gets the marketing message loud and clear. But again, when you are promoting your dating apps, not all social media platforms will yield the best results. Since your dating apps are launched for mobile users, adopting a social media marketing model on mobile social commerce platform is more beneficial. So, what could be better than marketing your mobile app on Instagram?

Let’s start with the question – WHY Instagram?

Demographics of Instagram Users

Most of the Instagram users fall under the age group of 18-24 years (32% of Instagram users ) and 24-32 years(32% of Instagram users ). This is also the age group who are more active in dating.

“Install Now” CTA of Instagram Ads

Instagram ads allow for several call-to-action (CTA) options, including “Install Now,” which can be used to drive new app installs which is what we suggest you implement to promote your dating apps.

Get the valuable profiles

One of the tough parts of running a successful dating business is to get genuine female dating profiles. Luckily, as per a US survey conducted in 2018, 39% of female respondents use Instagram whereas only 30% of the surveyed male respondents use Instagram. (Source: Statista)

Get actionable insights for promotion

The only way to create and run your business promotion effectively is to create an on-going system of implementation – monitoring – evaluation – correction – implementation. This is well supported by the Instagram platform to offer you data related to your promotion campaigns.

How to start marketing your apps on Instagram?

The first step is to start your professional Instagram account. You can even convert your existing personal account to professional account. Just as you would create your ads account for Facebook, you can do so, selecting the placement as Instagram from your Here are the steps, in brief, to advertise your dating app on Instagram:

Steps to create ads on Instagram

  1. The first step is to Setup your business account on Facebook
  2. Next, create and connect your professional Instagram account
  3. Third, register your mobile dating app on Facebook
  4. Create your advertisement campaign and ads sets on
  5. Create engaging ad creatives and make appropriate targeting.
  6. Launch your app installation ads

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