Dating app script has recently released the custom location feature. In this post, we’ll explain what it actually is and how your dating members will enjoy it. Looking at the dating industry, it is mostly based on interest, similarities and the location of two members.

However, online dating presents an opportunity. So why should you include the custom location feature in a dating app – your members need to use the genuine location, right?

Let’s look at a scenario here –

You are running an international dating site. One of your members is traveling from Germany to Australia. He wants to meet someone he will nicely get along with at Australia before he goes there. But, why would someone from Australia like a profile that belongs to Germany, if they can’t meet each other?

This is an ideal scenario when the custom location feature will help your dating app members.

How is the custom location feature used?

This is a premium feature intended to be used by your paying members. When they log in to their account in your dating app, they can go to the settings page and add a custom location there.

After they add a custom location to their profile, other members checking the profiles of that location will find and be able like and dislike the profile which used custom location feature.

Alike, when a profile uses custom location, they can search for the members of that location using the distance filter. Isn’t it great?

Can other members find out if the location is custom or real?

As this feature will be used by the premium members of your dating app who are actually the source of revenue, you’ll need to maintain a standard business for them.

For this reason,  your normal members will not be able to find if a profile uses custom location or the genuine location.

Is this feature available to both iOS and Android scripts?

Luckily, we have been able to complete the development of this feature in both of the scripts, for iOS and for Android users.

If you’re wondering what other features are available in the dating apps provided by us, please check them here and let us know if you have any questions.

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