After launching your mobile dating app in the app stores, you work on different strategies to increase the acquisition of more members.

However, while focusing on the acquisition, many mobile app business owners make a mistake of forgetting to work on the user retention policy resulting in a decline in the number of active mobile app members.

Active app users is an important metrics that help your business grow. After all, whether you are running a subscription model or selling certain premium features through your app, your active members are the ones who know that well and are highly likely to generate revenue for you.

Dropping number of active mobile app members is one of the signs that you should take seriously. We recommend you to keep a track of your active users at least weekly for the first year of your app launch.

Now about the reasons that might cause a drop in numbers of your active dating app users

Before anything else, make sure that your tracking system is intact. You should make sure that your tracking system is intact. For this, make sure to check the Crashlytics reports that we’ve integrated into your tinder clone mobile dating app.

Recent User Interface Changes

If you’ve recently changed the user interface of your app, this will cause some drop in your active app users. The transition should be made as smooth as possible when it comes to the user interface.

We even recommend you to run A/B test to launch your new user interface. Along with that, if you are able to make multiple updates to your app by implementing the changes one at a time, you will face less risk of losing the active users.

Technical issues in the app

Probably the mobile dating app that you launched in your app store was developed using older code libraries which got deprecated causing some of the functionalities to seize working.

This will negatively impact your users and they may stop using your dating app. Other neglected or overlooked issues may also have a negative impact on your active user numbers.

If you are using our Tinder Clone app, you have a free update offer up to 6 months of the initial launch. So, solving this issue will be cost-effective.

Inefficient marketing campaigns

Apart from Instagram and Google ads to acquire new app users, you can also implement Facebook and Google remarketing. This will help you announce the latest updates about your app.

For those members who haven’t logged in within the last 3 days (the number of frequency of your active app users), you can simply run a one-time remarketing ad campaign.  This will help you to keep your customers stay in touch with your mobile dating app.

Mismanagement of the brand

Your mobile app is the main source of your brand identity in the mobile dating app business. If your brand management is facing issues, it is obvious that your active users will decline rapidly. Not just the usability but reputation management is also necessary for brand management.

What are others talking about your app? Is any dissatisfied customer passing ill words about your business? App reviews and direct customer interactions are great ways to look into brand management. Also, if you haven’t set up Google alerts about your brand, you should do that immediately.

Competitive advantage position

Most of the time, the riskiest reason that your active app users decline is the rapid rise of competitors. If your competitors are offering more for less, you need to change your strategy.

Perform a competitive study on other similar apps where your active visitors might have shifted. You’ll need to work on the unique value proposition study, market position study, and features study and create your action plan.

If your strategy is strong enough, you’ll find that your active users will start to increase. But there is a possibility that you may want to diversify your business into the next niche also. For this, you will want to launch another mobile dating app.

If you are looking to launch a mobile dating app in a new niche, you can depend upon us for quality and timely delivery.

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