Starting your mobile dating app business should’ve been easy if you reached out to our team of However, simply publishing on the app store isn’t enough for business. The most common actions to successfully launch a mobile app dating business are:

Pre-launch promotion

It is likely that you are already engaged in the community that is likely to benefit from your business. Simply spreading the word about can help to create enthusiasm about your app on the potential customers.

If you requested to launch your app in closed beta, you can even offer a free subscription to the beta testers. Along with that, you could host a contest for logo design, slogan design and alike which will create a buzz about your app in the market.  

Launch planning

There will be a lot of tasks. Even after our team at DatingsAppScript delivers you the features packed dating app, you will still have a lot of promotion activities to perform. Again, checking the design aspects and features to make it suitable for your niche should be included in your launch planning.

Defining a unique selling proposition for your app is also an important step and you’ll need to take a quick look at the competitors for this.  Paid ads promotion will be the quickest and easiest one.

App store optimization

App store optimization or ASO is a way to increase the discoverability of your apps. This is not your one-time activity but during the launch of your app, you set the foundations for your ASO.  

Keyword research to integrate on your app title and description and including easy and engaging texts is the first step. Improving UX writing for an app to reduce installation churns can be continued after looking at the analytics after launch.

Finally, the most important part is interaction with the app users through reviews. These will be an ongoing process.

Collecting prospects

Your prospective clients can be collected through the app store analytics. You can depend upon the firebase analytics used in the Lovelock app to analyze what type of customers are using the app more and find your targeted customers.

After that, you can set a strategy to qualify your leads and collect your prospects. If you’re collecting prospects outside of the app store, you’ll need to segment and segregate them for marketing purposes based on the niche of your business and whether they use Android or IOS mobile.

Increasing trust factor

Think about a world where sharing a simple email address is a big deal and needs a quick analysis. Now think whether your mobile dating app looks professional enough for an entire client profile.

Next, whether the interactions on the first few app store reviews are friendly and helpful. Finally, whether your support channels are adequate to help meet their purpose of installing your app.

Gathering feedback

Collecting feedback should be done on the usability aspect as well as on the functional aspect. Luckily, DatingAppScript has got you covered on the functionality part with the fabric Crashlytics integration.

This will collect and prioritize the functional issues which even may be too small to crash. After a successful launch, you will definitely have some feedback on the app store. Along with that don’t hesitate to reach out to the customers personally through their email addresses.

Correcting Issues

As for the functional issues, we have taken our app scripts through rigorous testing processes. However, if you happen to find any reports on fabric Crashlytics, please feel free to send them to us and we’ll analyze them to check the urgency of fixes or identify the false positives.

And if you need to change the app settings or make improvisations on your app marketing aspects, you can do so after gathering feedbacks.

Keep engaging clients

It is always true that you’ll need a few dating profiles on your app to get more dating profile registrations. For this, you need to make sure that you keep your app users engaged.

And what could be the best way to do that? – Introduce new features on your app! Start with a minimal version and grow with the feedback of users. This will help to keep your customers engaged and your mobile dating app will seem appealing to the new clients as well.

How is DatingAppScript different from the rest?

  • Dating app script is well designed and developed to meet the market demands.
  • We offer to release your mobile dating apps in the app stores within a nominal 2 weeks time.
  • You will have the full ownership and you keep all the profits generated by your business.
  • Your mobile dating apps are released under your brand – you’ll not find our name – completely white labeled.
  • It is a one-time investment with us, we don’t charge subscriptions costs for your apps!

Got questions about launching your Dating App? We’ll be happy to answer!



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