Love the idea of running a mobile dating app for food lovers?

Already pumped up to get the real deal and get started?

If we may, we’d like to suggest some changes to your app and the marketing model. It won’t hurt to take up a bit of advice and implement it, even just as a trial. After all, we’ve provided dating apps to quite some of the businesses.

So, what are the suggestions… 

1. Get the app name right

There is no way that your business will be found on the app store or play store if it doesn’t have the right name. You could call it LunchDate or DineLove and it would still make some sense. Unless you’re trying to get into the specifics, don’t name it like SushiLove or BurgerLove.

Next, be aware of the jargons and try to avoid the double meaning phrases, unless you actually intend to run your business that way.

2. Take care of the app icon

You could simply use the idea from the name of your mobile app to get the app icon design done right. Or you could also use some creativity, but the core idea here is not to confuse people with your logo. Meaning to say, your app icon can’t be a burger if your mobile dating business is based on the concept of having a burger together.

You might get registrations but the intention of registering on your app might be to order a burger rather than going out on a burger date.

3. Use translations if necessary

Out of nowhere, you got that hankering for sushi and you even decided to start your SushiDate app. Now what? You need to find a group of people who are regular to this cuisine. Not necessarily but the majority of Sushi lover may need that Japanese or Chinese or Korean translation to effectively use your dating app.

Similarly, your app needs to be able to handle characters of those languages; how about checking DatingAppScript, if you have the same idea?

4. Proper App / Play Store listing descriptions

Here too, make sure that your app description clearly mentions that your registration is open for foodies. If you want to make it strict, you could even restrict to a specific type of cuisine but that would really narrow down your market reach.

However, after listing your app on the stores, you could give a thought about getting positive reviews on those stores. This will help on showing off the credibility of your mobile dating app.

5. Run ads and measure performances

After launching your app on the stores, we first recommend you to get a few of your people to register on your app. This can be easily done through personal invites, right?

Next, you could run display ads with the goal of app installs through the Google platform for your apps. Check which of the sites are giving you the worthy return for your ads spent and continue monitoring the metrics and adjusting your bids.

6. Drive registrations from outside in

Don’t just expect that you’ve launched your app and run some ads so you’ll have all the qualified members registering on your app. Dating market is far from the ideal scenario but you will enjoy the process of promoting your app even before you enjoy collecting the revenue.

Here’s what you need to do: Create some social media accounts related to food and make sure that you are frequent to post on it. Join some groups and post on them as well.

Then follow the rule of 80:20, spread 80 percent of your posts and sharing about food and 20 % of your posts about your dating app with compelling messages.

7. Host contests and participate

Your presence on both the physical and the digital world will help to drive more registration to your mobile dating app. As far as applicable, host contests on your social media account for best food recipe, a story about the first date or something similar and offer free annual memberships to the winners.

If you find any of such contests, don’t miss to participate in them and get a deeper insight about what is actually driving your niche to take the actions.

Interested in launching a tinder like dating app for food lovers? 

Worried about the already existing ones? 

“Search within …….. miles/kilometers” -> This is what actually matters for a foodie dating app!

So, if you need more information, just let us know your questions here.

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