You’ve launched your tinder clone app to run a mobile dating business, that’s great. You’ve been putting continuous effort to increase the membership in your website, and that’s also working so far. But, have you realized that if the members didn’t have a purpose to register on your app, your marketing efforts would have totally wasted? Now, if you have members and they have a purpose for registering in your app, is the purpose of all members the same? Give some time to think about it.

What we’re trying to mention is the connection between understanding the purpose of your mobile dating app members and the growth of your mobile app dating business.

Let’s get started!

Market segmentation is one powerful concept. You can define your target member acquisition strategy and promotion for cross-sell and upsell strategies based on the member segmentation.

Activity records based on member acquisition

Take a look into the members that you acquired through ads, and then take a look at the members who searched for your dating app in the app stores and registered. How different are their behaviors while using your apps?

Activity records based on age groups

Next, take a look at the members of the age group 18-22 and take a look at the members of the age group 26-32. Find any differences.

Since we are talking about the segmentation, we are looking at the differences; no doubt, similarities can also help you combine your acquisition and promotion activities but let’s follow a lean method for now.

Activity records based on time and events

Alike, members who registered during the first few days of January probably had the goal to increase their social life for the next year, whereas those who registered during Valentine’s days are looking to find someone to partner with for a longer time.

If you are able to segment your members based on these facts and figures, you will be able to create your dating business strategy that’ll help you grow in the long term.

An extra effort to identify members’ needs

One additional effort that you can put is researching a bit about your newly registered members. For those members who have their dating profiles on multiple other dating and social platforms are probably looking for something new; some new members to socialize with for the time being or some new features that they can enjoy to use.

When you’re ready to increase your business by improvising and optimizing your business strategy, we definitely recommend you to give some thoughts about market segmentation and we’re sure you’ll be able to grow your business at a spectacular level.

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