You can get your mobile dating app from us and we’ll even make it live on the app store. We’ll provide you with the perfect tinder clone app that’ll be ready for your members to use.

However, you’ll need your app to be found on the app stores when your potential members search for them. For this, you’ll need to implement a proper ASO or App Store Optimization plan for your Tinder Clone App.

Your ASO plan revolves around driving in more installations of the app, after all, without installations, you cannot get more members to use your app. For this here are some points that you should include in your plan to set the ASO Foundation and ongoing ASO process.

Setting ASO Foundations

Getting the app listed correctly

When you launch an app on the app store, there will be a rigorous testing process for approval of the launch. For this, you need to make sure that the app performs at the expected level.

Designs should be closer to pixel-perfect and the functionality shouldn’t be lagging. The information that you provide during your app listing should be accurate. And, you should use high-quality images.

Ensuring proper functionality of your app

It is obvious that you would want to launch on both iOS and the Android store. For this, if you are in a rush to launch, you might try out the hybrid apps – the codes that can be compiled for both app stores.

But as these apps are developed for multiple platforms, the performance is compromised to get the benefit on cost and time of development. Luckily our Tinder Clone App is developed for both the platforms so the performance doesn’t lag.

Analysis of the Glitches for further updates

Along with that, after listing, you need to find out the performance glitches if there are any. These help you to collect the points that need to be fixed when you update your Tinder Clone App.

If you are using apps powered by our Tinder Clone Script, you already have the technology integrated for this as well – the Firebase Crashlytics.

Providing relevant and accurate information 

Providing relevant information to the users who land on your app listing in the play store is important. People should know beforehand what they can expect from the app.

However, there are thousands of searches on the app store that can display your app on the results. To optimize for this, you should include the keywords on your App Title and Description.

Optimizing Title and Description

App Title needs to be integrated with the keyword. But you should make sure that you optimize your product title for the people who install the app and not just the search results.

Also, the first few words of your App Description should also include the keyword and provide further clarity on what people can expect by installing the app.

Optimizing the Images you use

Using App Icon that clearly presents the purpose of the app will help users understand better what your app is about in a glance. People perceive the concept from image faster than reading the title and description. Make sure that your app icon provides that you are offering a dating app for a certain niche.

Along with that, the screenshots of your app is another important clue for a proper ASO for your Tinder Clone App. Ensure that your screenshots display the inner functionality of your app along with the process of using the app.

Use the screenshots to meet the purpose of making your app interesting to the users and providing them the information about how they should use the app. Finally, on image optimization topic, make sure to use high-quality images.

Continuation of ASO for growth

In order to keep your app alive, you need to make sure that you are continually engaged in the optimization process. Here is how you can continue to improve the app store optimization.

Encourage reviews

People who install apps on their phones are wary about the quality of the app and the service that they can get. A word from the user group can help you to a great extent.

Encourage your users to leave a positive review of your app on the app stores. It is possible that you may face a few negative reviews, don’t lose your cool and try to resonate with the user politely.

Update your App

After launching your app, you should communicate with the users on a regular basis which will help you collect the requirements of your users.

Also, use integrated Firebase Crashlytics technology which will help you collect the optimization points related to app glitches if any. Updating your app regularly increases trust among the app users and will help you improve your rankings on the app stores also.

If you are using our Tinder Clone App script to power your mobile dating app business, we’ve offered a free update up to 6 months of your app launch. It is worth checking how much benefit you can get from this scheme. To find out more please contact our support team.

Use the Social Media platforms

If you are okay with advertising, you should definitely search for the app and set up your advertisements on similar category apps using the Google Adwords platform.

Along with that, you can also advertise your app on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Along with that, as soon as you launch your app, you need to get your social media pages up and running.

The motive of social media pages should be to collect more user group of similar category apps and encourage discussions about your app.

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