It is not surprising anymore that your guess-work based decisions will not help you leave your competitors behind. It is the world of information and without decisions backed up by data, whether for pricing, placement or promotion, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to substantially grow your business.

But there’s nothing to worry as every mobile dating app powered by dating app script is properly integrated with the Firebase Analytics – you just need to use the information accordingly!

Firebase analytics allows you to improve your dating app through a set of information. But the most important part is the audience segmentation. If you know about the audience on Google Analytics, you already have a picture in mind, but wait!

Google Firebase Analytics allows you to push messages to those user segments. You can use various messages types to increase the engagement for your audience.

What type of data are readily available on your Google Firebase Analytics account?

As for each mobile dating app we create for our customers using the dating app script is integrated with Google Firebase Analytics, you will be able to find all the important data easily. So, what will you find in the Firebase Analytics dashboard for your mobile dating app?

Demographics data

Demographics data will help you to identify who your users are. The location, gender and age information is crucial to effectively understand your user groups. Without this information, it is almost impossible for you to create the appropriate packages or run effective promotions.

Retention data

Along with the data like who your users are, Firebase Analytics also allows you to get the idea about how frequently are your app users using the app. Obviously, when running a dating app business, you need to make sure that your users don’t stop to use your app. And this data offers you to identify the user trends to make improvements in your ap user engagement.

Engagement data

Engagement data offers you information about the time duration the members of your dating app are engaged on your app. The more time your members spend on your site the better it is. But with the Tinder like swipe feature, increase in your member profiles will easily increase the engagement on your mobile app.

Average revenue

You don’t launch a mobile dating app to the public if it is not for revenue generation. For apps powered by dating app script, you have the option to create subscription plans and you can also request for monetization strategies using AdMob or similar platforms. The best part of using Firebase Analytics on the dating app script powered dating app is that you get all these data easily on your Firebase Dashboard.

These are the default data provided by Firebase analytics for your mobile apps, but if you need more to effectively run your mobile dating app business,  you can get that with our LoveLock dating app script. Just request our developers to add the various available event to track them on Firebase Analytics.

To understand more about data-driven promotion possibilities while launching your mobile dating app, please feel to contact our LoveLock team.


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