There’s already Tinder! Is there more room in the market for another tinder clone dating app? Will people pay to use a new mobile dating app? If you are pondering on these questions, just analyze this: With the rise of any business, it gives rise to other competitors who get better than the original.

Then it depends on how well the product development and marketing work on it. But these require a budget. And it comes down to the main question – how will the best tinder clone app help you make money?

If you want to move ahead after being sure that you can start your own unique business with a tinder clone app script then check these ideas about the niche mobile dating ideas.

Moving ahead…

Let’s take a look at how a tinder clone app can help you make money

Step1: Get more members for your app

You can’t run a dating app business without a significant number of members. For this, first, you will need to work on your strategy to grow the member registrations on your site.

You could run paid ads through the Google Ads platform and you could also start working on social media marketing. Check the tips given here to get more members for your dating app.

In the initial phase of launching your business, unless you are providing some really special services, you should not charge for the registrations.  This may seem like the counter-productive decision but there are other monetization strategies that you can implement.

Step 2: Move ahead towards launching new features

When you have a certain number of active members on your site, you should analyze the user behaviors and start improvising the existing features of your app and start working on to add more features.

It will really help your members if you roll-out the features that are specific to your dating apps niche. When you use dating app script to power your dating app, you can hire the original developers of this app to work on a new feature for you.

It is better on monetization if the new feature is allowed to the premium members only, that if, you are ready to start making money from your tinder clone app powered dating business.

Step 3: Send notifications to your members regularly

You can send notifications to the members of your dating app. But gets more interesting when you can send different messages to a different segment of users.

Sending notifications about offers, tips and tricks will help you maintain relationships with your members. But occasionally, you can also send notifications about the new feature releases using Firebase Analytics dashboard.

If you are able to play along with the curiosity and need of your members for features through notifications, you will be able to improve the free to paid member conversion ratio. 

Step 4: Promote premium features of your tinder clone app business

If you’re wondering which features are set as the premium features, we researched the market a bit and have made a few features available to the members who pay you for their membership.

These features are:

  1. Unlimited likes
  2. Rewind swipes
  3. Hide age and distance
  4. Custom location

If you look at app user analytics, you’ll find that these are the features that your mobile dating app members enjoy a lot. So, working on monetizing and promoting these features of your tinder clone app business will help you make money.

If you have more monetization ideas, our team at Dating App Script can work on custom development to help you integrate those and make your app live.

Ideas are worth a lot when implemented!
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