When you plan to run a business in the mobile app dating industry, being inspired by the key player in this niche is the best thing that you can do. And which app has guided this industry better than Tinder?Luckily we have developed our Tinder Clone Script that’ll save you hours of research and development time. As we’ve launched our app on the app stores for our customers, we have continually improved these Android and IOS version of our Tinder Clone Apps. This has allowed us to create the dating app script perfect to start your business.

However, there’s another part – marketing your app. If you take a look at the factors impacting downloads of mobile apps, you’ll see this type of data: 

app downloads record useful for tinder clone app.

As you can see, the General Browsing in the app store holds the highest download rate for your app i.e., 63% for Android & 53% for iOS, you need to understand a few specific factors that impact the download rates for your Tinder Clone app.

  1. Understanding and defining your target audience: You need to find out the target audience of your Tinder Clone Dating app. On the basic level, these are the single people living around the area that your app will be most used. But you’ll need to make a concrete customer persona so you can move to the next step of marketing your app.
  2. Defining key terminologies: Next, you need to work on the key terminologies that your to-be clients would use to search for mobile apps like yours. Here you could take an example from the competitors. However, don’t forget to include the key points from your customer persona.
  3. Using the terminologies: When you are able to find the set of words, use them in your app title, description and tags sparingly. If you are using our Tinder Clone Script then simply pass your keywords, title, and description texts to our team and we’ll help you ensure they are appropriately placed.
  4. Taking feedback and responding: After you’ll create a strong foundation for ASO by making appropriate use of keywords, you’ll have some users downloading and using your app. You need to communicate with these customers by sending messages or push notifications and get feedback for improvement of your app.
  5. Incentivizing users to provide app store reviews: Sometimes, simply a push notification requesting users to ask for positive reviews on App store optimization can work to increase reviews and sometimes you may need to incentivize by offering different premium features for free for a certain time. Make sure to respond to the reviews to show that the app is still active.
  6. Using social networking & messaging platforms: Your potential users can be found on social media and messaging apps, depending upon the age group and location. Say, if your target market is the single people of France, using WhatsApp advertising is more beneficial than Line Messenger. Identify these opportunities and make sure that you also run a few calculated ads on Instagram.

You should have quite some members for your Tinder Clone App after implementing these marketing techniques. But the secret to ensuring the longevity of your business is by providing different and new features for your members to use. Luckily if you are using our Lovelock powered Tinder Clone App for IOS and Android, you’ll regularly get free updates till six months of your purchase.

To find out more about our apps, please feel free to send us a message. We’ll be happy to provide you with the answer to your queries.

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