When you are running a mobile dating app business, you need to take care of the internal and external business environments. These bring in the reasons to update your mobile app dating business. We’ll quickly present ideas when you should focus on updating the mobile dating app business.

To provide added features

If your clients are asking for new features then it is one of the strong reasons to upgrade your mobile dating app.

Without meeting the demands of your clients, neither you can not expect the retention of clients, nor you can expect to grow your userbase.

To fix the known issues

If you get reports on issues through clients as well as the integrated issues tracking technology, you have a strong reason to update your mobile dating app.

You can grade the issues based on urgency to be fixed but leaving an issue unaddressed can harm the goodwill of your business. To save your goodwill also, you need to update your mobile dating app.

To stay competitive in the market

A monopolistic market for a dating app business is rarely possible. However, you need to make sure to perform a competitive analysis of the market and adopt the recent features and design changes.

For this too you need to release the updates of your mobile dating app.

To improve the ASO

As one of the main sources for your app installs will always be the app stores, you need to make updates to the listings and provide the points that you’ve improved on your app.

Updating your mobile app will help you improve the App Store Optimization (ASO) to get a higher ranking on the App Store as well as improve the goodwill of your app in the market.

If you are using our dating app scripts to power your mobile dating app,  please note that We offer free updates within 6 months of your initial app’s release.

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